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Reconnecting Workspaces

Pathways to Thrive in the Virtual, Remote and Hybrid Worlds


The Book

Looking for resources to help you, your team and organization THRIVE in the virtual, remote and hybrid. Now available. Pick up a copy at Amazon.


About Jennifer Britton and Potentials Realized

Since 2004, we have supported teams and organizations to do their best work in the virtual, remote and hybrid worlds.
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Reconnecting Workspaces Coach Training : Coaching for the HYBRID WORLD (24 CCEs)

Join us Tuesday August 3rd as we kick off the next virtual training for coaches who want to deliver Reconnecting Workspaces to their clients in individual, group and team coaching contexts. Ready to build out your hybrid coaching toolkit to support people making the transition to hybrid? 24 CCEs with the ICF (including 19 hours core competencies)

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Hybrid Work Style Quiz

What is your unique hybrid work style? Take the 2 minute quiz!

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Connecting You in the Virtual, Hybrid and Remote World

Supporting Your Success

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Remote By Choice or Chance?

There's a lot to reimagine and reconnect as we move forward. From team development to individual learning, group coaching and training, we've got you covered with award-winning programming. Let's connect.


Team Support

From facilitated sessions, to Team Strengths Days, team coaching to vision and strategic planning, we are known for injecting memorable WOW moments into team events - virtually or in-person.

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Coaching Support

Connect with others through a group coaching program, or do some one-on-one coaching to build out your business, leadership or productivity. Set up a 15 minute call to discuss WHAT'S POSSIBLE for you.


Daily Steps + Consistent Action = Momentum

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