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5 Day Challenge - Reconnecting Workspaces

Pathways to Thrive


Day 1 Workbook

Download your worksheets for day 1 here.

You will find the video listed below - watch it!

Day 2 - Workbook and files

Day 3 - Workbook

Download the Day 3 Worksheets here

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Day 4  - Workbook

Day 5 - Workbook and files

Download the worksheet here.

Watch the Day 5 video below.

Day 1 - Video

Day 1 - Vision and Intentionality

Watch the kick off of Day 1 - be sure to submit your fieldwork to Jennifer or share a snap on Facebook in the Virtual and Remote Visionaries Hub.  You'll be entered into a drawing for the Daily Draw ( a digital copy of the book)


Day 2 Video - Team Foundations

Reconnecting Workspaces - 5 Day Challenge


Day 3 : 5 Core Areas to Explore when Reconnecting Workspaces


Day 4 - Video - Building A Business Case


Day 5 Video