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Reconnecting Workspaces Coach

Are you a coach ready to support individuals, teams and groups to THRIVE in the evolving workspace? Whether you are back in-person or working virtually, remote and hybrid space, things have changed. Are you looking for a toolkit of resources and approaches to bring to your clients to navigate today's world of ongoing change? Are you being asked to lead training around hybrid work, teams or leadership?

Join us to become a Reconnecting Workspaces Coach. You'll learn about the many hybrid working and coaching tools included in the Reconnecting Workspaces book, and will be able to bring the resource to your individual, group and team coaching clients. 

Join us weeknights on Thursdays from 6:30 - 9pm ET starting Thursday March 23 for 7 weeks. In addition to our live calls there is also a 6 hour blended learning assignment with this program.

This training is approved for 24 CCEs with the International Coach Federation, including 19 hours of core competencies.

Reconnecting Workspace Coach Training - Fall 2022: Pricing $3995 US. Early Bird specials apply to coaches who register early.

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Join us this winter  Thursdays 630 - 8 pm ET starting April 20 - June 22 (24 CCEs)

Join us  to build your toolkit for supporting virtual, remote, hybrid and flex workspaces as you support Reconnecting Workspaces. Be ready to lead the way with strategies geared to reconnect workspaces in the flexible way of work for 2023.

24 CCEs with the International Coach Federation (including 19 hours of core competencies)

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Topics We Cover

A deep dive into coaching individuals, teams and groups using Reconnecting Workspaces book as your guide. Over the course of the 24 hours we'll dive into practical coaching approaches including:

  • 20 core areas for coaching support in today's evolving workspace (including Emotional Intelligence, Personal Productivity, Strengths)

  • Virtual Engagement and creating impactful and memorable hybrid and virtual coaching for the individuals, groups and teams you support

  • 20 Team Tools for helping teams thrive in the virtual remote space

  • Remote and Hybrid Work Myths and Principles

  • Remote and Hybrid Enablers

  • Boosting Trust and Connection in Today's Workspace

  • Teamwork and Leadership Practices needed for today's evolving workspace

  • Reconnection Tips for Individuals, Groups, Teams and Organizations Today

We also explore building a business case for this work, and talk about marketing and proposal development

Alumni of this program are coaching individuals, teams and groups with this material.

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Here's What Coaches are Saying

“In a world that is still trying to find its way out of the uncertainties brought by the unprecedented events happened in the past couple of years, the work of Jennifer Britton in Reconnecting Workspaces is a must have to navigate, embrace the new WOW (cit.Way of Working) and the opportunities hidden behind the scene of the hybrid work”

By Cristina Bertarelli (Alumni Team/Group coaching, PDT facilitator and RWCC student)

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This program is for you if:

  • You are a coach, facilitator or consultant wanting a coaching toolkit to support teams and organizations in the evolving virtual, remote and hybrid workspace;

  • You are an organizational change consultant or HR professional who is receiving requests from organizations and/or teams to help them figure out how to work in today’s evolving workspace  - whether you are back in the office, hybrid/flexible or remote;

  • You are ready to debunk many of the remote and hybrid myths with your coaching or corporate clients

  • Your clients or organizational executives want to explore what’s shifted with leadership, teamwork, delegation, project management presentations, meetings, conflict resolution, talent management in today’s evolving workspace

  • You want a research-grounded, neuroscience toolkit for teamwork and leadership development in the evolving workspace

Rita’s attempt:

You are a coach, facilitator or consultant or HR professional looking for a research-based, neuroscience coaching toolkit to support teams, leaders and organizations in the evolving virtual, remote and hybrid workspace 

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What makes this program unique:

  1. Based on Reconnecting Workspaces book enabling you to roll out this programming as a coach

  2. Small group hands-on learning opportunity virtually (Group size is usually under 8 participants)

  3. Robust learning modules around the core topics exploring myths and principles, team tools and reconnecting workspaces tips

  4. Program is designed by a professional coach and seasoned organizational consultant, for coaches and organizational consultants

  5. Certified RWCC coaches are given access to all comprehensive back-end resources are guided through how and when to use them with their clients and teams. 

  6. RWCC’s are given an opportunity to practice their skills and are given tailored feedback in a safe environment before going live with clients and stakeholders. Certified coaches will also be privy to future best practices and resources.

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Reconnecting Coach Options

Join us to create more possibilities for you and your clients.

$3995 USD

Build out your toolkit

Join us at the next Reconnecting Workspaces Coaching Training, to build out your support toolkit for hybrid, virtual, and remote work. You will also be equipped to take individuals, groups and teams through the book.  Pay in one installment.

6 x $695 USD

6 Pay Reconnecting Workspaces Coach

Join us for the next Reconnecting Workspaces training. This is the six monthly pay option (pay $695 US now December, January, February and March and April 2022)

What You'll Receive

Build out your hybrid and remote coaching toolkit

* 24 hours of training (ICF CCEs include 19 core competency hrs, 5 resource)
* A deep dive into the dozens of tools and activities of the Reconnecting Workspaces book
* On-demand learning about each chapter
*Additional support around positioning, marketing and proposal development
* A community of committed coaches dedicated to exceptional remote and hybrid work
* A Coach Guide
* Monthly RW Coach calls with Jennifer
* A ready-made toolkit to draw upon. Don't reinvent the wheel!

RW Coach: Packages & Rates

Incorporate Reconnecting Workspaces into your work

Are you ready to bring people together to have dialogue about what's next?

Reconnecting Workspaces Coach

$3995 US

Join us at the next Reconnecting Workspaces Certified Coach Training. This training is approved for 24 hours of CCEs with the ICF and will equip you to support coaching conversations around remote and hybrid work with individuals, groups and teams, with a specialization on using the Reconnecting Workspaces book.

RW Coach: Packages & Rates
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Meet the Reconnecting Workspaces Certified Coaches

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In the Spotlight with Reconnecting Workspaces Certified Coach - Valerie A

Listen in as I sit down with Valerie A for this 20 minute conversation on what she enjoys about being a Reconnecting Workspaces Certified Coach and how she is using this in organizations, along with the Hybrid Work Styles Quiz.

RW Coach: Video

In the Spotlight with Reconnecting Workspaces Certified Coach - Kerry Dobson

Listen in as I sit down with Kerrry Dobson for this 20 minute conversation on what she enjoys about being a Reconnecting Workspaces Certified Coach and Why it's important for coaches to get this grounding today.

RW Coach: Video

In the Spotlight with Reconnecting Workspaces Certified Coach - Kimberly Sauceda

Listen in as I sit down with Kimberly Sauceda a group and team coach who specializes in support for coaching in the tech sector. She talks about what's important to coach around today.

RW Coach: Video

In the Spotlight with Reconnecting Workspaces Certified Coach - Inga Michaelson. Inga provides support to social impact organizations and in the area of innovation. Listen in to our 20 minute conversation about Reconnecting Workspaces and her work.

Meet Inga

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