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Testimonials: Testimonials
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Samina Uddin

Thank you for offering the 90-day to success sprint Jenn. It was a pleasure spending 90 days with you first thing every morning. 

I had enrolled in this group after I finished Jenn’s Group Coaching Essentials class.  It was a nice segway because one of the most valuable take away for me was learning how to facilitate a successful group session. For the whole 90 days Jenn modelled how to effectively lead a group with ease while teaching us important strategies, techniques, and skills that we can employ in our group coaching business. 

During the daily morning meetings I enjoyed connecting with the other participants through discussing important topics that are relevant to our daily professional and personal lives. We explored the topic of the day as well as discover the unique perspectives we each brought.  This engagement enriched my growth as a person and as a coach.  Jenn provided a safe space for sharing which helped create a warm learning environment.

Although I knew that I am an organized person that lives by her agenda, through discussion on some topics with the group, I have crystallized the notion of ‘What doesn’t get scheduled, doesn’t get done’ which is one of the chapters in the book. Networking with other successful women from different fields was a gift, it helped me think from a different perspective.  I got great insight on how others see me when the group members gave me feedback on the energy, values and beliefs I project.  

Some important lessons I learned from Jenn that I am thankful for are resilience in the face of challenges, being consistent, being simple, and the importance of tracking actions for evaluation and success. 

The ’90-Day Guide for Success’ book we followed is chock-full of ideas, tool, tips, and techniques that I will use as a life coach and keep in my library.  I have learned something from every chapter and will continue to keep using it as a reference.  It is a great go-to book with important topics to create workshops around.  

Showing up everyday for Jenn’s group in the last quarter of the year energized me and helped me end languishing - which had became the norm in these Covid times.

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"Jennifer is an energetic speaker who brings a wealth of information on group and team coaching to her presentations. She keeps attendees engaged through interaction, rich conversation and a strong understanding of group processes. I would recommend Jennifer for your next professional development opportunity."

Kathleen Cameron - Leadership Coach

Image by Renee Fisher

"The session was fun and informative. Your style is very conductive to open, honest conversation."

Avery Smith

Image by Mark König

“Jennifer - you were fantastic! I really enjoyed the session and time flew by. Great structure and facilitating! You were very motivating. Looking forward to your next session with us

Skyler Adelson

Testimonials: Testimonials

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