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13 Things we'll cover at the Reconnecting Workspaces Certified Coach Training Program starting 5.31

I'm looking forward to the May 31st Reconnecting Workspaces Certified Coach Training program starting May 31st. With hybrid work begin an area so many individuals, teams and organizations are struggling with, the Reconnecting Workspaces Certified Coach Training is one that should interest many coaches. The program takes a deep dive into my 2021 book, Reconnecting Workspaces: Pathways to Thrive in the Virtual, Remote and Hybrid Space.

13 area we'll cover in the May 31st training are:

1. What helps people thrive in the remote and hybrid spaces: The 7 Remote Enablers and 9 Hybrid Enablers

2. 20 Core Focus areas for today’s workspace – from Emotional Intelligence, to Feedback in a Hybrid Space

3. The Six Layers of Connection

4. 5 Ways create more engagement in hybrid and virtual settings

5. The 5 Hybrid Work Styles (Part of the Coaching the Hybrid Work Styles)

6. Team Tools to support teams in developing better relatioships and getting more done

7. Core Questions You can integrate into coaching

8. Onboarding and Reboarding tips for today’s virtual, remote and hybrid space (this is a key pain point according to a recent study by HR professionals)

9. Building a Robust Culture in Today’s workspace

10. Coaching approaches for groups, individuals and teams in today’s evolving workspace

11. Building a Business Case and Creating Proposals for Organizational Request

12. Designing presentations, lunch and learns and webinars for expanding your visibility in this key area of hybrid

13. The Myths, Practices and Paradigm Shifts of today’s evolving workspace

Here are the details:

Meeting virtually on zoom

Tuesdays 5-830 pm ET: May 31 - June 28

Approved by ICF for 24 CCEs (including 19 hours of core competencies)

Your investment $3997 US

Contact Jennifer to indicate your interest in joining us at

Can't wait to have you join us!


Jennifer Britton

Author - Reconnecting Workspaces

CEO and Founder - Potentials Realized

(416) 996-8326

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