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Creating Vision in your Team’s Work From a Distance

As a remote worker, we are often left to our own devices to think big thoughts and plan for our future. Making team and personal plans needs some solid, grounded thought work. No truer is this than for virtual leaders managing a team from a distance.

What is your vision for your work? Or your team’s work?

Taking the time to develop a vision for your team and each of your team members with it is an exciting but daunting task. Regardless of how and where you all work, is important item to explore for several reasons. It helps create clarity within your business goals, it helps you decide where you want to focus your energies, it allows for strategic planning and pivoting, and to clearly develop focused and grounded goals, as well as the steps and milestones to track their progress and completion.

Here are some strategies you can use with your virtual team members to help them develop their visions within the context of their roles within the team:

1. Reflective journaling questions or coaching conversations

2. Storyline/storyboard of what their vision could look like

3. Visual roadmap with milestones along the way

4. Vision board

5. Reflect on their “Sweet Spot”

6. Chunk down annual goals into monthly or quarterly segments.

7. Illustrate the Who, What, Where, When, How and Why of the vision

8. Use visual cards like those found on

9. Participate in a Draw Your Future process

For more specific details for how to implement each of these strategies, refer to Jennifer Britton’s 90 Day Guide to Success (Pages 42-44).

Choosing the best methods to use with your team members will depend on the work structure you are currently utilizing, (i.e. Remote, virtual, dispersed, on-site, hybrid, flexible, etc.) as well as the organizational culture and the personalities within your team. Understanding their strengths and styles will help you make a better decision.

If you need some assistance exploring any of these strategies or with finding your team’s vision, feel free to book a FREE consultationwith Jennifer Britton at Potentials Realized to discuss your specific needs.


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