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Determining whether Virtual, Hybrid or Flexible Work is best for you or your Team

The debate is officially upon us! Which workspace is the best way to work?

The answer is as individual as we are!

Organizations are faced with many environmental influences these days. How do organizations bring employees back to the city to support the downtown economy, fuel the public transportation providers and justify their hefty real estate costs? How do we as knowledge workers satisfy the needs and wants of an ever-demanding workforce during the Great Resignation?

Whether your team is being mandated to return to the office or not, every team and every person has a personal work preference. It's important to recognize that our personal needs can be reflected in the spaces that we work in. If you're looking to reorganize your work space or to take stock of your work habits, take some time to answer the following questions and determine what you need in your personal workspace to be your best self:

I work best when:

□ People are around me

□ I am on my own

□ There is nothing to distract me

□ There is lots to look at

□ It is quiet

□ There is noise

□ I can focus on one task at a time

□ I can bounce back and forth between tasks

□ No one knows where I am

□ I am available to everyone

□ I am able to work in short blocks

□ I am able to work in long stretches of time

□ I need to be online all the time

□ I can have breaks from being online

□ I prefer to start and complete a task in one sitting

□ I start a task and come back to it later

□ I need to write things out

□ I like to do things digitally

□ I benefit from lots of sensory input

□ I benefit from having quiet around me

□ I like to work from different locations

□ I need to always have the same workspace

□ I need to conduct a lot of calls

□ I don’t need to talk to a lot of people while I work

□ I need to be plugged in

□ I can work on a battery

□ I can work offline

□ I have internet access

Source: 90 Day Guide for Success, Jennifer Britton, Page 53.

Once you have an idea of your non-negotiables, you can set your priorities straight, (and maybe start shopping!)

If you are a leader operating as a virtual, remote, hybrid or flexible team, (or if you are a Team Coach or facilitator working with a similar client) consider doing the above exercise during a team meeting and discuss how to maximize everyone’s time based on their responses, work locations, time zones, relative to the tasks themselves.

If your team is facing unique challenges with adapting to the demands of your virtual, remote, hybrid or flexible work model, feel free to book a free 15-minute consultation with Jennifer Britton to discuss your challenges.


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