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Six Layers of Connection

The virtual and remote work and business world appears flat but has multiple layers. It’s in these layers that we get to see the nuance and significance.

This past year as I’ve brought the Stand Out Virtually brand and programming out into the world, many I’ve spoken with have been intrigued by the notion of the Six Layers of Connection. Consider your most recent conversations and what helped you create connection. Likely it included connection to these five layers.

These of course, are beyond the first and most important layer, connection to themselves. Helping people connect the focus of the call with their WIIFM, or what’s in it for me is paramount for a great virtual experience. What are the elements which are important for you?

Connection to the Topic – First, what’s the connection with the topic. Why is it important to them? How does the topic have relevance in their life?

Connection to You – What is the connection with you the Leader or Facilitator of the Call.

Connection to others on the call – Without a connection to others on the call the learning process may not go as deep as it could.

Connection to the Content – What is the connection to the content you are engaging in? What are those elements which are important to you?

Connection to the Platform - What is the elements of the platform (Zoom, Teams or other) which will help you in moving the call forward?

Connection to your Context – What are you doing to connect what you are leaning and talking about to the wider context? It’s key that we spend time focusing on the wider context, and not leave learning on the screen.

What is important for you to put a focus around?

​Enjoy your conversations,


Six Layers of Connection
Six Layers of Connection - Copyright Jennifer Britton, 2021

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