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Is your Virtual or Hybrid Team Supercharged? Part 1

Juggling the uncertainty of the VUCA world is a challenge like no other. Whether you're working remotely or in a hybrid environment, the leadership strategies you need to propel your team’s success will look a little different. How do you deal with managing team performance when the rule book continues to change?

"From the field of Team Effectiveness, we know that teams excel when they have great relationships and are focused on results." (Reconnecting Workspaces, Page 29.) This balancing act is delicate; like leveling a seesaw. If you're looking to maximize team performance within your virtual, remote or hybrid team, give yourself a moment to reflect on how your team is working. Ask yourself the following questions below and take stock of where these activities are taking place, what's working, and of course, what isn't:

Meetings: How often does your team meet? How often are you 1:1 meetings? Where and when are these meetings happening? And is that a good use of everyone's time and space? Are you finding yourself regularly cancelling 1:1 or team meetings? If so, what impact is that having on your team relationships?

Project Meetings Is every project meeting necessary? Who doesn't need to be there? Are there any alternative tools you could be utilizing to share project updates? (i.e., Messaging, emails, SharePoint, project management software, etc.)

Distractions: What (or who) is taking away from your focus? Is this consistent amongst your team? What can you change to minimize the distraction? What tasks can be shifted to another workspace? How do you maintain accountability within your team to ensure they are fully present and engaged?

Connections: How much time do you dedicate to bringing members of your team together? Are there any introverts on your team? Can you bring your entire team on site? What is the optimal time for everyone to meet virtually, (time zones)?

Stay tuned for Part 2!


If you're at all concerned about how to take stock with the gaps you've discovered about your team and turn them into real action, we are always happy to help! Set up a free 15-minute consultation with Jennifer Britton at Potentials Realized via Calendly at a time that works for you, and she would be happy to answer your questions!


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