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Is your Virtual or Hybrid Team Supercharged? Part 2

Continuing from the previous article, here are some more areas to consider to determine if your virtual or remote team is supercharged …

Goals and Roles: Are your team's goals aligned to organizational goals? Do your team members understand their role? Have their roles evolved in the last year? And if so, have their job descriptions been revised to reflect the changes? How are you being intentional around managing team performance from a distance? What regular coaching are you providing your team members around performance?

Digital Information: How are team members updated and held accountable to ensure that documents are tracked and stored properly? What digital project management, storage and security tools are you using?

Initiatives: What initiatives have you put in place to ensure that team members can job shadow from a distance? What coaching and mentoring programs can you access for your team?

Team Talents: What work style does each of your team members naturally gravitate towards? Who would be best to complete particular tasks within your team based on these strengths?

Simplification: What mechanisms do you use to simplify the complexity of your work? How is this done differently when working virtually or cross-culturally? What tools do you use? What's the anchor?

Impact: "The Pareto Principle states that we get 80% of our impact from 20% of our efforts." (Reconnecting Workspaces, Page 29.) What individual and team activities give you the most or least impact? What obstacles are you facing?

"Relationships are an important part of high performance. Work is not just about getting results. In today's VUCA world, change is effected through many." (Reconnecting Workspaces, Page 185.) When leading from any space, mastering that fine balance between ensuring we all remain connected, productive, and accountable while also developing the ability to be flexible, agile and change-ready will put you ahead of the game.


If you're at all concerned about how to take stock with the gaps you've discovered about your team and turn them into real action, we are always happy to help! Set up a free 15-minute consultation with Jennifer Britton at Potentials Realized via Calendly at a time that works for you, and she would be happy to answer your questions!


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