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Jennifer's TEDx Talk - Virtual, Remote and Hybrid Checklist

On August 5, 2021, Jennifer Britton delivered a TEDx talk entitled "Virtual, Remote and Hybrid Checklist", as part of TEDx Derry LondonDerry Studio, based on her extensive experience in leading and supporting teams and organizations throughout the Virtual, Remote and Hybrid world over the last three decades.

In the talk she shares the top 3 on her list:

People First!

Trust and Safety

It's all about the connection

What's on your virtual, remote and hybrid checklist.

With remote and hybrid work becoming the norm for many organizations, creating exceptional experiences in this space is key.

Do enjoy Jennifer's TEDx talk and be sure to share with others in your network!

Set up a call with Jennifer to discuss your support needs in the areas of remote and hybrid work or coaching.

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