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Making Your Re-Boarding Experience More Hospitable

New hire starting next week?

Is your virtual, remote or hybrid work team working inconsistently?

Whether your team has recently lost or gained team members or is simply feeling fragmented, sometimes it's necessary to do a reset, or re-boarding for your team. If this is the case, consider taking a hospitable approach to your onboarding or reboarding programs by making your participants feel at home before inundating them with new corporate policy, tax forms or new branding.

Go back to basics by ensuring the following items are taken care of and addressed first:

1. Technology that works. Do you need to acquire new platforms or give new or additional team members access to current ones?

2. Power/Juice – for your technology to stay charged.

3. A workspace - Can you acquire some budget for your team to each set up a custom, ergonomic workspace? It can be quiet or stimulating, but it needs to work for them.

4. A communication tool - like Zoom, Skype, WebEx, or MS Teams. Empower a stronger team member to train everyone on using common features for meetings and chatting consistently.

5. A routine and ways to renew - Set your team up early and keep consistent. For example, everyone grabs their beverage before the Tuesday 10am weekly meeting. Go together if you're on site that day.

6. Peers and mentors - give your team pathways to get advice and connect with others.

7. Connections with your boss and teams. Be intentional here with these regular meetings. Set it but don't forget it!

8. Feedback cycles - communicate how two-way feedback works and set an open-door policy work within your team. Performance should be an ongoing conversation.

9. Easy ways to connect in on work instructions - What supports can you provide your team? What's the path of least resistance?

10. Ways to keep things visible - Are everyone's screen on during meetings? Do you accurately use DM statuses? Where do you store completed shared work? How is project status monitored?

Once your participants feel that the zone of trust, safety and connection is secure, you can then begin the process of properly re-orienting your team. Jumping the gun may in fact cause you heartache as you may encounter more resistance by participants and cost you more in the long run.


Need support with your onboarding or re-boarding programs? We are always happy to help! Set up a free 15-minute consultation with Jennifer Britton at Potentials Realized via Calendly at a time that works for you, and she would be happy to answer your questions!


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