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Prioritizing Hybrid Team Tasks by Examining What's Different About Virtual Work - Part 1

After 2+ years of pandemic life, we are beginning to embrace the new zeitgeist of remote work. But as the world begins to adjust to hybrid work, prioritizing tasks for on-site days and leaving others to be completed remotely can be challenging. As such, it's a good time to examine what's different with virtual work while reviewing your work tasks and delegating them accordingly.

Reconnecting Workspaces (Jennifer Britton, Pages 25-27) uses the acronym the CV CAME with FETA to examine what's different with virtual work:


Through collaboration, 1+1=3. Virtual and remote collaborations need to be deliberate and proactive. Which collaboration tasks need to be done in-person, and which can remain remote?


Making your ideas visual when working remotely needs to be more deliberate by using various online engagement levers. What visual tasks resonate better in person?

Culture is King

"Team culture and identity is critical in the remote space. It keeps us connected to others, and signals belonging. It's 'how we do things here' and what is 'acceptable and not acceptable' as a team." (Pg 27). A remote team without a team culture will flounder. How do you perpetuate your team culture both virtually and on-site?


There is a lot of time spent working alone on virtual teams. This phenomenon has caused leadership best practices to pivot as individual contributors are now accepted as experts. What individual tasks can be left for remote workdays?

Matrix Relationships

Navigating relationships remotely across time zones and cultures can be a fun challenge as your team members may liaise with other virtual teams. Are there any opportunities to meet with local teams in person on hybrid days?

Engagement is Key

Styles, strengths and work preferences solidify our need for individualization. Knowing your team members and how they best work will help you determine if any work tasks should remain exclusively remote or in a more fluid assignment.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this article ….


If your team is looking to maximize their hybrid work tasks and you need an outsider’s look, we are always happy to help! Set up a free 15-minute consultation with Jennifer Britton at Potentials Realized via Calendly at a time that works for you, and she would be happy to answer your questions!


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