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Prioritizing Hybrid Team Tasks by Examining What's Different About Virtual Work - Part 2

Continuing from the previous article, here are some more areas to consider when prioritizing hybrid work tasks using the CV CAME with FETA model from Reconnecting Workspaces:


Being fluid and flexible will work best for you in a hybrid environment. Even if you have plans for a particular task to, always be ready to pivot!


Give everyone on your team the opportunity to develop their leadership toolkit. You can decide how and in which location to do this!


Set up some structure for your team, especially when you're working across time zones and workdays. When are your team members "on" and "off"? and what does an on-site day look like when your team members have family obligations?


It's easy to assume that everyone is on the same page. Make sure to take some time to discuss what assumptions you're holding as a team. If it's possible, consider doing this task on site with your entire team and utilize boardroom resources to flush out any assumptions you may have.

Taking a deep dive to examine how virtual work differs from on-site work while examining the work tasks you need your team to complete will allow you to maximize the days that your team meets on site and to prioritize and delegate virtual tasks accordingly. Make sure also to book time for on-site days to allow your team to bond and engage authentically. It's worth the extra budget!


If your team is looking to maximize their hybrid work tasks and you need an outsider’s look, we are always happy to help! Set up a free 15-minute consultation with Jennifer Britton at Potentials Realized via Calendly at a time that works for you, and she would be happy to answer your questions!


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