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Setting Your Virtual, Remote or Hybrid New Hire Up For Success! Part 1

9 key success factors for remote or hybrid work

You've got a new team member starting with you and they're knee deep into an organizational new hire orientation. You've spent a couple meetings with them so far to discuss the team’s semantics, but how do you get them set up to start to carve a space for themselves on your remote or hybrid team, where facetime is a luxury?

When planning your new team member’s induction, set them up for success by incorporating the 9 key success factors for remote work:

1. Be Visible - Go out of your way to schedule meet and greets with key stakeholders within the organization at various levels for the new team member. Sign them up for training, industry events and a welcome virtual lunch. Ask for their input as well and incorporate learning into the performance goals.

2. Offer Value - Since trust begets trust, have a conversation about what value the new hire feels they have to offer and coach them to speak to this success during meet and greet meetings.

3. Be Consistent - In our world of uncertainty, being consistent is key. Set a level playing field for all team members, follow through and model the expectations yourself. Set reminders in your calendar, and ensure your new hire does the same.

4. Collaborate - No person is an island. Encourage your new hire through coaching to fully understand and explore how their role intermingles with the others on the team and offer ways to collaborate with team members.

Source: 90 Day Guide for Success, Jennifer Britton, Pages 29-30.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this article …


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