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Setting Your Virtual, Remote or Hybrid New Hire Up For Success! Part 2

9 key success factors for remote or hybrid work

Continuing from the previous article, here are the last 5 of the 9 key success factors to consider when planning your new team member’s induction into your virtual or remote team:

5. Show up, be visible and present - Discuss what it looks like to be fully present when working remotely and ensure the team continues to display this as a consistent behaviour.

6. Follow-through - is a strong signal of reliability. Make all the notes and reminders you need to ensure that your new hire is well taken care of and loose items are addressed.

7. Find the common ground - Build the relationship! Take some time to relate to the new hire as a person and cement those items that arise in conversation where common ground exist.

8. Leverage your strengths - and theirs! Have your new hire identify their key strengths and discuss how they will compliment the team, especially when working from a distance. Share your strengths and have the team share theirs!

9. What's beyond the screen? Share a little about yourself, your context and your priorities when building new virtual relationships. When new hires see that you're a real person, the distance factor will fade a bit and a new relationship will form.

Source: 90 Day Guide for Success, Jennifer Britton, Pages 29-30.

By taking some extra time to discuss, plan and account for the items above, your new hire will feel more confident about starting something new, especially from a distance! A little planning goes a long way, so if you anticipate a new hire, keep your calendar open and prioritize them, even if you're super busy that week. It'll be worth it in the long run.


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