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What Motivates Your Team?

Remote and virtual workdays can involve some isolation and self-directedness, therefore it is important for leaders to get to know their team members and understand what truly motivates them. It is important to recognize that some team members may be motivated more by internal (intrinsic) factors while others are motivated by extrinsic (external) factors.

The following chart illustrates the difference between these rewards and provides some examples:



Personal Satisfaction

Money (more base pay, bonuses, commissions, etc.)


Prizes (Trips, gift cards, choice from catalogue)


Extra Time (Paid Time Off, etc.)


Recognition from others of a job well done

Source: Reconnecting Workspaces, Jennifer Britton, (Pages 33-35)

During your next set of 1:1 meetings with each of your team members, take some time to ask them each separately:

1. What motivates you? (Intrinsic, Extrinsic or both; with examples)

2. What do you find important? Exploring values that motivate work can be interesting!

3. What they perceive are the levels of trust and connection like on the team?

The insight you gather will illustrate the dynamic needs of a team of individuals. How do you get a group of people motivated by different incentives to work together towards a common goal? And what do you do with this data moving forward?

If your team is struggling with a lack of motivation, internal conflict, apathy or a lack of fusion, feel free to book a FREE 15 minute consultation with Jennifer Britton to discuss your team’s specific needs.


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