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New post on 4 Ways to Reconnect Groups in the Return to Office

For those of you who are coaches, you will enjoy my most recent post over at the Group Coaching Ins and Outs blog which covers four ways to reconnect groups in the Return to Office. You will find the blog at Group Coaching: Ins and Outs: Reconnecting and Supporting Groups in the Return to the Office: 4 Things

Reconnecting and Supporting Groups in the Return to the Office

If you are a group coach, HR professional or leader, you'll find it useful to consider how you can:

  1. Provide space

  2. Provide ample time for (re-)connection

  3. Explore vision

  4. Revisit strengths

Each of these are a valuable doorway into conversations which will help to connect people. I would also remind you to keep in mind the 6 Layers of Connection when you ha

ve these discussions. Be sure to check out that earlier blog posts here.

Finally, another consideration may be around what each person's Hybrid Work Style is. I've had a lot of fun introducing the Hybrid Work Style Quiz to the world in recent weeks. If you haven't taken a look at it, check it out at

Enjoy your conversations and let us know what you have planned if you are working with groups that are returning to the office!

Best wishes,


Jennifer Britton

Author focusing on Group and Team Coaching and the evolution of the remote and hybrid space


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